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3 key arguments

The watch industry specialists – 100% watchmaking, 100% permanent

  • Our excellent knowledge of the economic structure of the watchmaking sector, both in Switzerland and worldwide, allows us to target our searches with great precision
  • A unique dual specialisation:
    • All of our HR consultants have worked in the watchmaking industry.
    • Their experience enables them to quickly understand clients’ needs as well as the career development ambitions of candidates

Specialist recruiters in Switzerland and worldwide

  • For more than 15 years, we have been “talent hunting” within the watchmaking industry
  • We are able to both recruit candidates, and offer job opportunities, in Switzerland and worldwide

More than 18,000 candidates interviewed, from machine operators to CEOs

  • Every single candidate attends a personal interview, either in Switzerland or from across the world by video conference
  • From machine operators to CEOs, we boast a network unrivalled in the watchmaking industry

Code of ethics and service quality

Since 2013, RS Partner SA has been a member of the APRF (Association of professionals in the permanent recruitment sector in the French-speaking part of Switzerland). The code of ethics has a particular resonance with Reto Schneider, who identifies strongly with the ethics practised and promoted by the Association. However, he also endorses the values and professionalism of the members of this association that only offer permanent placements. Those that primarily or exclusively offer permanent placements are distinguished by their designation as HR consultancy companies rather than recruitment agencies, which mainly offer temporary placements.
RS Partner SA has noted that some of the generalist agencies no longer even make the time to meet candidates before presenting them to their clients. Similarly, some candidates are not notified that their details have been passed on to clients.
This unprofessional, minimalist approach adversely affects public opinion and reflects badly on professionals in the industry.
It is therefore quite natural that RS Partner SA should identify with the code of ethics of this association. The Company’s golden rules are to meet with each candidate to form a personal relationship, to obtain the candidate’s consent to pass on his or her details, and to guarantee that the candidate’s motivation and personality meet our clients’ expectations. The applications sent to our clients have been carefully selected and prepared, and are systematically accompanied by a personal analysis of the candidate’s career background, strengths and personality.
RS Partner SA enjoys an excellent reputation in the watchmaking industry thanks to its high standards, rigour and stringency, which have been recognised since 2007, even though Reto Schneider has been active in this field since 2001. It means the company can rest assured that clients are satisfied with the services it offers.

APRF code of ethics

1. Definition
The members of the APRF are independent firms active in the field of recruitment for permanent positions based in the French speaking area of Switzerland.

2. Integrity
The members of the APRF are registered with the Swiss Registry of Commerce, have appropriate premises and are active in no other field which might be detrimental to the interests of their clients or their candidates.
The directors of the member firms of the APRF hold the necessary qualifications to enable them to carry out placements in accordance with the rules of the profession and they all hold cantonal and/or federal authorisations to do so.
The members of the APRF shall provide their candidates with their services free of charge and shall neither ask for enrolment fees, nor placement commissions.
The members of the APRF shall only work on searches upon assignment of mandates and accept them within the scope of their competencies.
All job offers published by the members of the APRF must correspond to existing positions.
The members of the APRF shall systematically conduct in-depth interviews with candidates before presenting their application to a client.
The members of the APRF will only submit a candidate’s application to a client providing prior permission has been obtained from the candidate and providing that the member has provided the candidate with an objective description of the position and the company.

3. Confidentiality
In accordance with the Swiss federal law on data protection, the members of the APRF guarantee to treat any information received by the client or the candidate with the highest degree of confidentiality.

4. Loyalty
The members of the APRF are loyal to their clients and protect their interests when working for them.

The members of the APRF undertake to not solicit their clients’ employees, in accordance with the conditions agreed upon by both parties.

5. Partnership
The members of the APRF shall establish a relationship of trust based on impartiality with their clients their candidates.