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3 key arguments

100% watchmaking, 100% permanent, 100 specialist

  • Our excellent knowledge of the economic structure of the watchmaking sector, both in Switzerland and worldwide, allows us to target our searches with great precision
  • A unique dual specialisation:
    • All of our HR consultants have worked in the watchmaking industry.
    • Their experience enables them to quickly understand clients’ needs as well as the career development ambitions of candidates

Specialist recruiters in Switzerland and worldwide

  • For more than 15 years, we have been “talent hunting” within the watchmaking industry
  • We are able to both recruit candidates, and offer job opportunities, in Switzerland and worldwide

More than 18,000 candidates interviewed, from machine operators to CEOs

  • Every single candidate attends a personal interview, either in Switzerland or from across the world by video conference
  • From machine operators to CEOs, we boast a network unrivalled in the watchmaking industry

Code of ethics and service quality

Our firm’s charter of ethics reflects our code of values and professionalism.

RS Partner SA only provides permanent placements, which is why we are called an HR consultancy rather than an employment agency, which mainly provides temporary placements.

RS Partner SA has noticed that some generalist agencies no longer even bother to meet candidates before presenting them to clients. In the same way, some candidates are not informed that their files have been sent to clients.

This minimalist and unprofessional practice is having a negative impact on public opinion, to the detriment of the industry’s professionals.

So it’s only natural that RS Partner SA has set itself the following golden rules:

  • Meet each candidate to get to know them
  • Obtain their agreement to send them their application
  • Ensure that they are motivated and that their personality matches our clients’ expectations

Applications sent to our clients are carefully selected and prepared, and are systematically accompanied by a personal analysis of the candidate’s background, strengths and personality.

RS Partner SA has an excellent reputation in the Watchmaking industry thanks to its high standards, rigour and tenacity, which have been recognised since 2007, although Reto Schneider has been active in this field since 2001.