Specialists from the watchmaking industry

A highly skilled team dedicated to developing your company or career

10 employees

3 senior HR consultants

Sourcing managers

Administrative & HR assistants

Digital marketing specialist

Headquarters in Neuchâtel and a branch in Geneva

Reto Schneider

Founder and CEO of RS Partner with more than 15 years of experience in talent-hunting, Reto Schneider recruits managers and specialists at both national and international level. He oversees strategy and global management of his companies, and deals with contracts and partnerships with the managers of client companies. He is responsible for the following job categories:

Areas of expertise

Construction and Technical projects movement / watch components / tooling / machines

Materials / Physics / Laboratory

Customer Service (technical positions)

Managerial positions / Department heads (technical positions)

Managerial / Senior management (technical positions)

Product development (technical positions)

Expatriation (technical positions)

Jewellery / Gemmology / Setting

Watchmakers: after-sales service / training / laboratory / complications / restoration / correction / quality control / production / prototyping

Quality (managerial positions)

Human Resources (management positions)

Jean-Diego von Allmen

Sales and Marketing Director, Director of our headquarters in Neuchâtel and Senior HR Consultant, he brings more than 10 years of international experience working in Sales, Marketing, Retail, Training, and Administration for luxury watch companies. He is responsible for the following job categories:

Areas of expertise

Administration / Human Resources (non-management positions)

Marketing / Communication

Product Marketing / Design

Trade marketing / Merchandising / Visual merchandising

Managerial / Senior Management

Sales / Retail / Training

Customer service / Customer care

Finance / Accounting / Controlling

Environment / Health / Safety

Giuseppe Sturchio

Deputy Director and HR Consultant in Neuchâtel, he brings more than 10 years of experience working in Purchasing, Supply Chain, and Product Marketing for luxury watch companies, and more than 7 years of experience in HR consulting for the watchmaking industry. He is responsible for the following job categories:

Areas of expertise

Purchasing / Procurement

Distribution / Transport / Import-Export

Logistics / Supply Chain

Methods / Process / Exploitation / Industrialisation

Mechanical engineering (CNC) / Micromechanical engineering / Profile-turning

Quality / Metrology

Chemicals / Electroplating

Watchmaking operators

Polishing / Cutting / Burnishing