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As part of its development and in order to offer an additional service to its partners,RS Partner has developed a collaboration with Oasys Consultants, a company specialized in the field of professional transitions (outplacement, coaching, assessment).

Recognized, innovative and effective, the Oasys outplacement method offers a tailor-made service with high added value to accompany employees towards the realization of a new professional project. Oasys provides support to its clients and candidates in transition through quality services and coaching. Its mission is to help companies in their mutations and to accompany individuals towards the success of their professional change.


  • Offering a unique and innovative service in the watchmaking industry at 360 degrees : in addition to the services usually offered by Oasys Consultants (outplacement, coaching, assessment), RS Partner offers customized support during the job search, privileged and exclusive access to certain positions, as well as an even wider network in the watchmaking sector. However, the two services can remain completely separate and confidential.
  • Enhance the image of their company : respect employees who have been dismissed, treat them with respect and help them leave their employer with peace of mind.
  • Demonstrate their social responsibility in the HR process : from recruitment to dismissal.
  • Keep their employees motivated : they will appreciate the respect towards their former colleagues.


  • Accelerate the return to employment in a sustainable manner.

  • Ideal opportunity to reposition themselves and find an activity more in line with their skills and values.

Oasys Consultants is a member of the ACF (Association of Personal & Organizational Change Firms) and RS Partner is a member of the APRF (Association des Professionnels du Recrutement Fixe en Suisse Romande).

Carried by common values – quality, respect, commitment, trust, ethics – we combine our strengths and skills to bring real added value to our client-partners.

To learn more about this partnership, contact us:
032 720 08 00