Our services

A turnkey service

Your tailor-made searches in Switzerland and worldwide

  • Thanks to our expertise in the watchmaking sector, we primarily work on contract and conduct specific searches for our clients
  • We offer 4 kinds of contract:
    • Success fees
    • Exclusive
    • Time-limited exclusive
    • Confidential

Our desire and need to understand your company

  • It is very important that we build a close relationship with you to allow us to identify the ideal candidate.
  • We adapt our methods to suit your recruitment process, facilitating your day-to-day work

More than 15,000 candidates interviewed by our company to meet your needs

  • From machine operators to CEOs, we are committed to finding the right profile for you

Our Top Profiles

We carefully select our best profiles on a regular basis and offer you the opportunity to discover them directly on our website.


Personality profiles and/or assessment centres

As part of its search for senior applicants, and at the request of its clients, RS Partner SA can create personality profiles and/or set up assessment centres. These additional services, which are based on sources and tools recognised by HR professionals, are used to identify the behavioural dynamics of candidates in relation to the recruitment remit.

Comprehensive expertise in all areas of the watchmaking industry

RS Partner SA offers a different approach, based on key principles which offer direct benefits for both companies and candidates. Customers benefit from a contact with experience in both watchmaking and HR consultancy who is sensitive to their expectations and company policy, and who can quickly comprehend the highly specialised requirements of the position in all of the following areas: